February 2017: Valhalla Implements the Third Phase of TDA Drainage Plan


Roger Meier, Golf Course Superintendent at Valhalla Golf Club, is a busy man. Since arriving at Valhalla in 20110, he has overseen the reconstruction of all of the greens, practice range, renovation of all primary rough areas; along… Continue reading

February 2017: Understanding Water Tables and The Capillary Fringe


There are three types of seepage water. They are seepage water from lack of velocity, seepage water from a hillside spring, and seepage water from a high water table. Detailed descriptions of each… Continue reading

February 2017: Berkeley Hall Club, Bluffton, SC


Berkeley Hall Club in Bluffton, S.C. is an incredible facility. The two Fazio courses are demanding enough to host the best amateurs in the country each year at “The Players Amateur,” but enjoyable enough that the national membership makes… Continue reading

1st Qtr 2015: Tech Section: Surveying Turning Points

Surveying Turning Points

Most superintendents had a surveying class in college, but when a skill isn’t used everyday, it can be difficult to remember the lessons that were learned many years ago. I thought it would be helpful to provide… Continue reading

1st Qtr 2015 – Current Projects


Bluejack National Golf Club

Montgomery, TX


Eric Bauer Oversees Construction of New Tiger Woods Course in Montgomery, Texas


Eric Bauer is the energy behind the golf course construction at Bluejack National – the first Tiger Woods-designed… Continue reading

1st Qtr 2014: Current Projects


Westmoreland Country Club

Wilmette, IL

813 Sump Westmoreland Country Club

813 Sump at Westmoreland Country Club

Todd Fyffe, Superintendent at Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette, IL, has overseen the completion of the new drainage system that is designed to store flood waters when… Continue reading

1st Qtr 2014: Tech Section: Could this be why your green does not drain?


Do you have 17 well-drained greens, and one that doesn’t perform up to the others, and you aren’t sure why?

 In traveling the country for 30 years looking at drainage problems, I periodically run into a poorly drained… Continue reading

Can you raise your drainage basin in 10 seconds?

Raise drainage basin

Perma Basin is the patented basin from Turf Drainage Co. of America that have permeable sidewalls.

They not only collect surface water, but also the seepage water that collects around the basins.

One of the most popular features of these… Continue reading

January 2013: Current Projects

East Coast

Highlands Falls Country Club

Fred Gehrisch, CGCS  Superintendent at Highlands Falls Country Club isn’t afraid to tackle big projects at Highlands Falls C.C in Highlands, NC. Fred’s next big project is the implementation of a drainage plan… Continue reading

January 2013: Tech Section – Difference between drainage envelope and drainage filter

The Difference Between a Drainage Envelope and a Drainage Filter

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is, “Isn’t the filter fabric (geotextile used around Turf Drain and Perma Basins) going to clog up?” In the early 80’s,… Continue reading

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Turf Drainage Company of America has been a leader in golf course drainage since 1983. We have four patents in the field of seepage drainage - including the Turf Drain Siphon System™. Whether you need to drain one hole or 18, we custom design a comprehensive drainage plan for your property, manufacture the components, and work with trained contractors until project completion.