TDA miniaturizes electricity-free pumps


Mini IDP (left) next to standard IDPTDA has received patent pending status on its new Mini IDP. The new Mini IDP makes electrical free technology smaller. The larger versions have been used to replace 1 to 3-hp pumps in drainage sumps using the energy from the irrigation system to pump drainage water. The newest version is available in a package with TDA’s patented Perma Basins, and can be used anywhere on the course.

The applications are endless. David Steel, National Project Director for TDA, says that this is ideal for courses that stay wet because there is too little elevation change between their fairway and lake reliefs. The system is easy to install in-house. You can go into a wet area, replace a basin that is too shallow to achieve the firmness the club desires, and replace the basin with one that will drain three to six feet deep. The key though, is that the superintendent can use the existing outfall pipe as the relief. The mini will lift the water up to the existing outfall without the need to run electrical service to the site. All that is required is a connection to an irrigation lateral line to drive the Mini IDP.Turf Drain Mini-IDP

We have designed projects where the savings have been huge. We know from the hundreds of drainage systems we have designed that the deeper the relief point, the less seepage drainage is needed to achieve the desired results.

Mini IDP Overhead


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