Westmoreland CC 813 Sump

Westmoreland Country Club


Todd Fyffe, Superintendent at Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette, IL, has overseen the completion of the new drainage system that is designed to store flood waters when they back up on the property.

Todd says,

“I am impressed with the ability of the course to soak up a one inch rain and the short period of time the soil remains saturated. In the past, we would have remained saturated for days after a one inch rain, and for weeks after multiple rain events.  The fairways  are now open to cart traffic the next day following a one-inch rain.”

The healing process has been impressive. Leibold Irrigation did a great job. They used the commercial sod harvester supplied by Turf Drainage Co of America. There is little or no visibility to the trench lines, even within 90 days after the completion of the work.

The Club hired Dennis Hurley of Turf Drainage Co. of America to work, in combination with Steve Berecz of Gewalt Hamilton Associates Engineering. Leibold Irrigation Inc. was contracted to install the drainage plan, and completed the last of the work in December 2013.

The system is comprised of gravity and siphon systems, as well as electrical pumps and Irrigation Driven Pumps. The new technology available with the Irrigation Driven Pumps helped save thousands of dollars versus designing the system with electrical pumps only.