Irrigation Driven Pumps (IDP)

Irrigation-Driven Pump ready to backfill

Irrigation Driven Pumps (IDP), an exclusive of TDA, can be used in remote areas of your course when the use of an electrical pump would require expensive new electrical service. This pump uses the energy of the irrigation system to pump drainage water from a sump. These pumps are low cost and have no moving parts. They are simple to maintain.


The pump uses the energy of the irrigation system to pump drainage water. The pump is placed inside of a sump that has a float in the bottom. When the water level in the sump rises, the float opens a standard 2” irrigation valve that has been placed in line between your irrigation system and the Turf Drain Irrigation Driven Pump. By opening the valve, the water of the irrigation system flows through the pump and creates a vacuum (venturi) that sucks the water out of the sump. The amount of the water pumped will vary, as it would with any pump based on the height and distance that the water is being moved.

Irrigation-Driven Pump (overhead)

A typical example for our basic model would be as follows: a pump placed inside of a 6 foot deep sump discharging the water 200 feet, would pump 140 GPM of drainage water from the sump for every 100 GPM of irrigation water that is being pumped through the system. Therefore, the discharge line would carry 240 GPM to the exit point. The pump itself has no moving parts, although the set-up does require an irrigation valve and a float. The pump can be easily serviced and cleaned. Note the unions that are at each end of the pump. This allows you to remove the pump within minutes, if cleaning is required.