Mini IDP (Irrigation Driven Pump)

Turf Drain Mini-IDPThe Mini IDP is a revolutionary concept in golf course drainage. The patent pending system is a hybrid of technologies that combines the best of the patented Turf Drain Siphon System, along with the uniqueness of Turf Drain Irrigation Driven Pumps. The applications are endless.

It can be installed in a low lying fairway where there is “no place to take the water.” With the Mini IDP, you can create a pumped elevation in that fairway, and in many cases, use the existing shallow corrugated pipe as your relief.

If you have a pot bunker, or bunker where the sub-grade is at lake level and won’t properly drain, install it either inside or outside of the bunker, and create all of the relief you need. Never build a green again that drains to a dry well. Even use it to reduce the installation of expensive curtain drains in mountain courses.

Mini IDP


Models can be custom built that collect the spring fed water 20 feet below the surface, yet transport the water in a pipe installed as little as 18″ below the surface.

There is no need to run an electrical supply to the pump. You don’t even need to run a wire to the controller for valve control. Everything is contained in the patented Perma Basin, and turns on and off as needed without any power source. In addition, the critical components of the unit can be serviced and replaced from above. Just remove the grate and access all of the moving parts.

Patent No. 4,988,235 and other Patents Pending


Drainage Depth and the Mini IDP



Why Is The Mini IDP So Valuable?

TDA has done hundreds of drainage plans on some of the best golf courses in America. From that experience, we have learned that when it comes to creating firm playing conditions, the depth of the drainage is the most important factor. If an area needs 100 feet of seepage drainage when graded to a two foot deep relief, we can achieve the same effect with 60 feet of seepage drainage, if it is a four foot deep relief; and use as little as 40 feet, if it is a six foot deep relief. The reason is that the deeper the drainage, the wider the influence of that drainage on the water table.