4th Quarter 2008 Current projects

4th Quarter 2008
Current Projects

There are a couple of projects currently being installed by contractors. Call us at 800-999-2794 if you would have an interest in visiting a job site.

East Coast – Highlands C.C. – Supt. Brian Stiehler, CGCS

Highlands C.C. is a historic course that was the summer home of Bobby Jones. Siphon Systems, Inc. is working with Brian to install a drainage plan done by TDA that includes work on 4 holes. The work includes removal and replacement of metal culvert, installation of basins, and extensive seepage drainage, as well as the installation of two pumps on low lying holes. You can also see one of the sod harvesters in operation here. These sod harvesters can strip 100 ft. long, 30″ wide piece of sod in a little over a minute. The finished product is impressive when it is finished

West Coast – Presidio Golf Club- Supt. Brian Nettz, CGCS

Located in the heart of San Francisco, just south of the Golden Gate Bridge, this historic site is in the initial phase of a long term drainage project with Turf Drainage Co. of the West. Working from the comprehensive 18 hole drainage plan prepared by TDA, this year is the initial construction phase. Surface and seepage drainage is being installed on the 14th, 16th, and 17th holes. Follow-up phases, implemented over several years, will involve tackling both surface runoff and persistent seepage issues. Open to the public year round, the Presidio is the only golf course in the U.S. to be located in a national park.