What will a Master Drainage Plan do for you?

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A master drainage plan can give you, the superintendent, a way to clearly present the status of your drainage problem to your committee or owner. Pat O’Brien wrote an article in the September, 2005 issue of the USGA Greens Section Record regarding the importance of starting a drainage project with a plan.

Trey Cutshall, Superintendent at The Farm Golf Club, says “Until we did the drainage plan with TDA, we didn’t have a real grasp on the scope of the project. By being involved during the planning process, I knew that the areas that I felt were important were being included, and I had a much better understanding of what the options were in each area. Once we did

Drainage Project: Rent a Superintendent

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Do you have a drainage project that you don’t feel is large enough to bring in an outside contractor, but you would like some expertise to assist you with an in-house project?

Consider our “Rent a Superintendent” program. We are working with our authorized contractors to supply experienced job superintendents to clubs to assist with in-house drainage projects.

These superintendents have a long history of installing systems designed by Turf Drainage Co. of America. They typically have overseen and coordinated on drainage projects that have involved the installation of hundreds of thousands of feet of drainage. The superintendent will come in and work with your crew in any manner that you wish. They will train your crew on the proper