Tech Section: Turf Drain Siphon System

Posted on September 26, 2011October 9, 2012Categories TECHNICALTags , ,

In our last Tech Section, “Why NO Drainage System Can Wick Water,” we promised that in a future newsletter we would talk about when the Turf Drain Siphon System had application.

There is much misunderstanding as to when and why someone should use a siphon as opposed to a gravity relief. The first thing that we should clarify is that the Turf Drain Siphon System is a transportation system, and not a collection system. However, having said that, a siphon basin does have the ability to collect surface water through its open inlet, and seepage water through its permeable sidewalls. But these collection components aren’t the determining factor as to when it should be used. The primary factor that determines …